The can of Mönchengladbach

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He was a member of the Alpine Corps, a Milanese and a prince of the courtroom. In the L’Aquila battalion which left for Russia in 1942 there were 53 officers. Seven months later, only three made it back to Italy. One of them was Giuseppe Prisco who was known as ‘Peppino’ from then on and he never missed a meeting of the Alpini. It was difficult to shake him off and impossible even for an opposition fan to not enjoy his moments of inspiration. Those on the other side of the divide in Milan excluded. “I’m against every form of racism but I’d never allow my daughter to marry a Milan player.”

If I shake the hand of a Milan supporter I wash my hands, if I shake the hand of a Juventus supporter I count my fingers

Unforgettable was the legal battle with which Inter went to the quarter-final of the UEFA Cup in 1971. The Nerazzuri were playing in Germany against Borussia Mönchengladbach and the adventure in Europe seemed set for its end. But in the first half, Boninsegna was hit by a can launched from the stands. Here the lawyer Prisco came in, he overturned the result by obtaining a rematch from which, this time, Inter would be victorious.

Lawyer, sporting director, but above all, an Inter supporter. Peppino Prisco was all of that and more, his name is permanently linked to the Nerazzurri colours. In the world of football, full of stock phrases and guaranteed political correctness, Prisco was able to pierce this veil of hypocrisy with brilliant style, unable to conceal a passion that regularly broke through with phrases that became famous and make him an Inter icon even today. Like when he said “If I shake the hand of a Milan supporter I wash my hands, if I shake the hand of a Juventus supporter I count my fingers”.

Peppino Prisco

Giuseppe Prisco, (Milan, 10 December 1921 – Milan, 12 December 2001), was a lawyer, sporting director and Inter Vice-President between 1963 and 2001. As a director with the Nerazzurri, he won six Serie A titles, two European Cups, two Intercontinental Cups, three UEFA Cups, two Coppa Italia titles and one Supercoppa Italiana.