The Hintermann Brothers’ curse

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While we are still alive, they will never win another league title.

A threat that didn’t necessarily reach the ears of sceptics, although was certainly still a sign of bad luck for the club’s supporters. Without too much conviction, it was believed by many. The fact is that following Milan’s inception back in 1908, they had secured three Scudetti. They then spent the next 44 years without winning anything. At the beginning it seemed like an absurd coincidence, however the health of the Hintermann brothers soon began to be assessed at the start of every new season. And finally, when the last brother passed away, the sceptics could breath a sigh of relief. Everyone was then in agreement, the curse was gone.

It was ice cold in Milan. The winter had not yet finished and the future of the only club in town was being discussed on via Berchet. However, there were 15 dissidents within the ranks, who were notably against the political autocracy in place and the rigorous defence of Italian spirit that is supported by the majority. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the 15 men duly split in disagreement. Among them were Carlo, Arturo and Enrico Hintermann. This was how Internazionale began. It is not important as to who led the trio, but the core of the curse is clear as much as it is disturbing. While the Hintermann brothers are still alive, then Milan cannot win anything.

It’s July 1951 and Milan have just won their fourth league title. Just weeks prior to this Rossoneri triumph, Enrico Hintermann had passed away. He was the last of three brothers and so went with him a curse that had lasted 44 years. To understand how these two events are linked, then you have to go back to the Spring of 1908.

Hintermann Brothers

The three Hintermann brothers, Carlo, Arturo and Enrico, all had Swiss roots and they were part of the group of separatists that decided to split from Milan back in the spring of 1908, helping to create a new club that was open to foreign players. Hence the name Internazionale. The three Brothers cursed their former team at the time of the scission, claiming that Milan will not win another league title while they are still alive. This was then the case for the cursed club, who endured a drought that lasted 44 years. Milan secured their fourth league title in the summer of 1951, which came just weeks after the final Hintermann brother, Enrico, had passed away.