The Divine Ponytail

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He provided little masterpieces to all. Like the two goals he scored against Real Madrid in 1998 in the last five minutes to see Inter progress to the Champions League quarter-final. It was the 70th minute of the game with the score stuck at 1-1. Zamorano left the pitch for him, the ‘Divin Codino’, without his ponytail, like Samson losing his strength without his hair. The pagan rite could begin. Two goals, like flashes struck Real Madrid’s confidence in four incredible minutes that are very difficult to put it into words as it almost seems as though it never happened. But he was there, real like his talent, observing the Curva with the eyes of someone aware of his own destiny. Two years later it was same sensation, when Baggio left the Nerazzurri with a farewell gift, two goals in a preliminary Champions League fixture against Parma. As if to say, Mass has ended, go in peace.

Ten like his shirt, ten for a game decided by his prowess. He says goodbye to Inter (but then why?) with another proof of his timeless class. Applause.

Never understood by his manager, he was the unique champion of Italian football, the last one to belong to everyone as get through a lot of clubs without problems: Vicenza, Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan, Bologna, Inter and Brescia.

A few times in the history of football, art and sport have fused together in a unique pagan rite to which you can´t do anything else other than silently take it all in. When we talk about this rare moment of absolute beauty, you cannot avoid thinking about Roberto Baggio. His story at Inter wasn’t a simple one. A sporting emblem of happiness, he had little time to enjoy this moment with time running out but there were moments of temporary euphoria among this. All of this was Baggio with the Nerazzurri colours. Happy moments that even today draw a smile from each Inter fan.

Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio (born 18 February 1967 in Caldogno) he arrived at Inter in the summer of 1998 from Bologna. With the Nerazzurri, Baggio made 44 appearances and scored twelve goals, two of which which secured qualification after the Champions League preliminary fixtures against Parma. At the end of the 1999-2000 season, he moved to Brescia. For Italy, he collected 56 caps and scored 27 goals.