Moratti, the first

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Three Scudetti, two European Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and many more titles picked up during a glittering 13-year spell. It is best summarised by a nursery rhyme that is still today the most famous in Italian football: Sarti, Burgnich, Facchetti… A team that has been a family, a family that has been a team. A number of personal honourifics came his way in later life. He was awarded the Order of Merit for Labour and also an honorary business degree. In 2007, the city of Milan named the square outside the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza after him. Since then, you only have to aim for the Piazzale Angelo Moratti to find the home of the Interisti.

He was also the first to establish an avant-garde structure at a football club. With the charismatic and unique Helenio Herrera at the helm, the Nerazzurri thrived also thanks to the help of transfer market genius Italo Allodi. The squad’s make-up was perfect, both on and off the pitch. Captain Armando Picchi provided the perfect balance between players and coach, while there was also the blend of Herrera’s strict attitude and the generosity of Angelo Moratti. He created Rasiom in Sicily, before then selling it and launching Saras in Sardinia, which became an industry leader and set a forward-thinking business model. Moratti also demonstrated genius and initiative in the world of football, as he helped fill Inter’s trophy cabinet thanks to his passionate and impeccable management.

The first. Angelo Moratti was the first president of an Italian club to win two European Cups thanks to the extraordinary double secured by the Grande Inter side. He was also the first to win two Intercontinental Cups, helping the Nerazzurri climb upon the world stage in a way that no Italian club had done before.

Angelo Moratti

Angelo Moratti was the 15th President of Inter, taking charge back in May 1955. He succeeded Carlo Masseroni and then remained at the helm until May 1968, with Ivanoe Fraizzoli coming in as his replacement. Under his guidance, Inter reached the summit of world football on two separate occasions, before then doing so for a third time in 2010 under his son Massimo.