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The memorabilia that tells this great story almost don’t matter. From the reproduction of the Champions League trophy that was given as a gift by a Chelsea fan and kept in the back until that night in Madrid and all the celebrations for the Treble. “We closed all of the street because there was a real Milanese party going on out front.” It was also discovered that one of Inter’s first pitches was on the same site 100 years earlier. Perhaps it was a coincidence, perhaps it was destiny. Every photo, shirt and number plate tells the story of an intense passion as Corrado explains. “To be an Interista means being part of a common story. The Inter fan is Inter. We represent the core. Monday is tough after Inter lose and because it’s the start of the working week. But when we win, it’s a great joy that cancels out all of the pain and energy spent.”

The Inter fan is Inter. We represent the core.

The name but above all the passion was passed from Vittorio to his two sons and the garage became a meeting point for fans with it transforming into a sports bar on Tuesdays. It’s also been frequented by many players and club representatives, first as fans and then simply as friends of the Fiamberti family. “Lots have passed through here and we’re enthusiastic about it each time,” says Corrado. “Mazzola was one of the first and then Burgnich, Corso, the President Moratti and all his family, Cruz and Zanetti have a restaurant opposite and they stop in to say hello when they can”.

The true heart of the garage are the people who live for it. The founder Vittorio and his sons Riccardo and Corrado. They are three Nerazzurri souls who live and breathe Inter. Of course, they’re three mechanics but they wear a white shirt with a Nerazzurri tie every day. The garage was born in 1961 when Moratti’s Inter lost the Scudetto to Juventus after the famous match when Angnelli’s Football Federation ordered a rematch with Herrera protesting by sending out the Primavera for what turned out to be a 9-1 defeat. It was a disgrace that Vittorio Fiamberti decided to avenge just after turning 20 by naming his garage after his true passion: Inter.

On via Carlo d’Adda, some days give off the typical feel of the Naviglio. Older people fill the bars from 8 in the morning, competing to get their hands on the unmissable Gazzetta dello Sport. It’s the typical life of the local area where the pavements are as old as time. On one of these pavements which are otherwise grey and all the same, the monotony is broken up by a huge Inter badge. For over 56 years, this has been the symbol of the Carrozzeria Inter and it’s a true reference point for Inter in the city of Milan and beyond.

Carrozzeria Inter

Vittorio Fiamberti founded the Carrozzeria Inter in 1961 on via Carlo d’Adda in Milan. He still works there today with his sons Corrado and Riccardo.