International in name and in fact

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That’s the case for the guys from Inter Club Washington who got to know one another on Facebook before deciding to watch Inter vs. Benevento together on a Saturday in February. Brought along by the President Christian, they’re all young Americans of diverse origins but they were brought together by Inter to head to San Siro at least once to support the Nerazzurri. Diverse stories and diverse origins, but all are brought together by Inter.

International in name and in essence, everything is closer together thanks to modern technology. In the era of social networks, it’s relatively simple for fans to gather together to watch their team and dream of being at San Siro. It’s even better still to actually go no matter how far away it is.

Present in five continents, sixty countries with over 800 clubs and 110,000 Senior and Junior members, Inter Club exists in perfect harmony with the 110 years of club history. Inter Club has taken great strides in its 50 years of existence through the existence of the co-ordination centre, born from the desire of Angelo Moratti to group all Nerazzurri fans together and consultancy from Helenio Herrera.

Inter clubs

The Inter Club Co-Ordination Centre has existed for over 50 years. Today, there are over 800 clubs spread across five continents and 60 countries and they’re in constant growth. The overall tally of junior and senior members has recently moved above 110,000.