Inter's ladies


Today, the story continues with Laura, Daniela, Simona, Chiara, Linda, Bruna, Silvia, Valentina, Paola, Monica, Irene, Emily, Arianna, Laura, Maria, Deborah, Nicoletta, Emanuela, Valeria, Marta, Giulia, Liming, Barbara, Roberta, Claudia, Vania, Stefania, Paola, Veronica, Marika, Francesca, Michela, Melissa, Giancarla, Carlotta, Ilaria, Annamaria, Federica, Francesca, Franca, Silvia, Rachele, Elisa, Michela, Stefania, Camilla, Simona, Elisa, Federica, Caterina, Teresa, Lara, Corinne, Federica, Chiara, Martina, Veronica, Monica, Barbara, Ilaria, Roberta, Yujiao, Daria, Nagaja, Letizia, Ilaria, Federica, Paola, Chiara, Annalisa and Federica who are key resources today, working every day to make the club better.

Some years later, it was Milly and Bedy. The first held an important role on the Board and she had brilliant intuition. In 1995, Inter became the first Italian club to launch a website with It was a photographic archive to organise and safeguard the history of the club in the best way possible. The latter was an important reference point for Inter Club across the world, ever-present at matches in Italy or in Europe, home or away.

At the start there was Erminia, or rather Lady Erminia as Gianni Brera named Erminia Cremonesi, later Moratti. Legend states that she was the real reason why her husband Angelo bought Inter as he was infected by her passion as a true fan of the club. Kind with an aristocratic soul but a popular spirit, she remained a Nerazzurri fan after the end of her husband’s time as President. Then, there was Renata. She was a fan in the purest sense of the word as she still headed to San Siro even after turning 90. Always lucid, happy and passionate, she was always ready to say her piece about how best to run the Beneamata, often clashing with her husband Ivanoe Fraizzoli.


Since the foundation of Football Club Internazionale, in 1908, women were relevant in Club's life, with significant and executive roles.