The promise

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We’ll forever be among those smiles and people from that room. Forever convinced that anyone from around the world will be welcome at our club, convinced that we’re unique with a winning attitude that looks to the future. Convinced that our history, starting with those 44 names, will also be a source of pride tomorrow and that this passion will be renewed with names of future generations. Today, as happened 110 years ago, we discuss the dream that has followed us up until now. The thread that unites all of us across the world.

That splendid night will provide the colours for our badge. The black and blue from the night sky and the gold of the stars. We’ll call ourselves Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world.

The club’s creation coincided with the zodiac period of Pisces, which is characterised by talent and, at times, can be standoffish. However, they’re always passionate. This Nerazzurri story has now gone on for 110 years, extending well past those initial 44 names. This includes a number of world-class players, who’ve notably gone on to become legends. Thanks to them, the hearts of men and women have beaten fast. Whether that be at the stadium, in front of the TV, radio or many other modern devices. This passion has been passed down through generations, linking families, lovers and friends across cities, countries and continents. A real journey that all started thanks to that initial document. And a promise.

Pietro, Giorgio, Hugo or Hans. Choose any one of the 44 names who made history at 23:30 on March 9th 1908. Ink on paper and light on film, from the photo that would be entrusted to future generations from that unforgettable night. Behind the Duomo, where men and women now walk through a Milano that is more International than ever before, Foot-ball Club Internazionale was born. The club was created with the precise intention of standing out from the team that had so far represented the city in the newly-established Italian league. It was different because they allowed foreigners to play and different because of their Nerazzurri colours – which imitated the night sky that stretched beyond the L’Orologio restaurant windows that night.

The Founders

Founded in 1908, Inter has gone on to become one of the most famous football clubs across the world. Their list of honours includes 18 Scudetti, seven Coppa Italia trophies, five Supercoppa Italiana titles, three UEFA Cups, three Champions Leagues, two Intercontinental Cups and one Club World Cup. Inter are just one of seven clubs to have won the Treble (Champions League, league title and a domestic cup all in the same year) and the only Italian team to have never been relegated. And 110 years later we’re still here.